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SONY launches machine vision polarization CM 2019-09-18

SONY has launched the XCG-CP510 machine vision polarization camera module (CM). The XCG-CP510 is equipped with a 2/3-inch CMOS global shutter sensor using the Polarization Pregius technology to deliver a speed of up to 23fps at 5.1M pixel resolution. This industrial CM composes each independent image through computing images produced with four linear polarized lights. As the image is composed from different angles, parallax is avoided.

SONY also supplies the SKD (for Windows) of the XCG-CP510 for easy application development. The benefits of XCG-CP510 includes: by eliminating all types of surface reflection light, the XCG-CP510 enhances foreign particles and scratch inspection in the production line, with polarized light, the XCG-CP510 enhances image contrast, 3D/stress recognition, and man/car identification in different scenarios.

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