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Sharp, founded by Tokuji Hayakawa in Tokyo in 1912, began as a metal processer. In 1915, Mr. Hayakawa invented a mechanical pencil called the “Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil”, which came into vogue of the time This is the origin of the company name Sharp and the trademark. Later, Sharp successively developed the first transistor radio in Japan, a black and white television, and the world’s first all transistor-diode electronic calculator. Gradually, Sharp developed into an electronics company, manufacturing household appliances, communications equipment, solar cells and LCD panels, LED, LSI, and a wide range of electronic components.

Since its founding, Sharp set out to develop unique and distinctive products by developing exclusive technology and creating new market demands, playing an active role in the development of society as its goal.

For its centennial celebration, Sharp launched its enterprise blueprint, entitled “ECO-Positive Enterprise”, which contains two major blueprints for the company: “contribute to the world through development of energy-saving and energy-generating products for the wellbeing of the environment and mankind” and “contribute to society by producing LCD display which is available everywhere”.

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